Our Voices

Who We Are, We are a house with many voices. We have a number of leading voices in our community. From various backgrounds and histories, each of our voices carries a message for the body of Christ and shape the culture and beliefs of our house.

Gio & Destiny Muñoz

Founders | Lead Pastors

Pastors Gio & Destiny's ministry began when they felt the Lord calling them to be Fully Given to the Gospel. Since 2008 they have had the privilege of serving in full-time ministry. They've had the honor of serving here in the U.S. as well as in Africa and in Mexico with Iris Global.


​The Munoz's are passionate about building vibrant community marked by and centered on encountering the Presence of God. Their desire is to see others become passionate lovers of Jesus. They are committed to creating a culture that is Nameless and Faceless, where Jesus is the only exalted one. He is their focus.

Gio & Destiny live in the Lithia area with their two children, Judah and Selah.

Tyler & Tiffany Burns

Discipleship Pastors

Pastors Tyler & Tiffany serve asThe Discipleship Pastors at Abide Church.


​The Burns' long for regional transformation! Their desire is  to see lives forever marked by Jesus.They love community and believe in the significance of surrounding yourself with other people. Tyler and Tiffany both operate heavily in the Prophetic. 

Tyler & Tiffany have two children, Henry and Maddie.


Covington & Kelly Melton

Levite | House of Prayer Pastor

The Melton's help run The Prayer Room at Abide. Covington also serves as one of the Worship Leaders and his wife Kelly serves with our children's department. 

Covington is a passionate Worship Leader. He longs to raise up a Levitical People who desire to minster to the heart of God.

Marcus & Desiree Windle

House of Prayer Pastors

Pastors Marcus & Desiree help lead The Prayer Room at Abide. They have desire to see lives changed through the power of prayer. Their hearts burn to see true revival take place.

They also have an itinerate ministry and enjoy bringing revival wherever they go. 


Chucho & Shanna Acosta

Youth Pastors

Pastors Chucho & Shanna serve as our Youth Pastors. They have been in student ministry for the past 10 years. It's their desire to see the next generation transformed by Jesus. They believe this happens by teaching the word of God and demonstrating what it looks like to be modern day disciples. 

Kenny Muñoz

Associate Youth Pastor

Kenny helps serve in our Student Ministry and helping with our outreaches. 


His life radically changed when he encountered Jesus. He loves sharing Jesus with everyone he meets. He longs to see others set free and healed. 


Anthony & Mindy Groves

Creative Arts Directors

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Anthony & Mindy Groves

Creative Arts Directors

Anthony & Mindy serve as our Creative Arts Directors. A lot of the behind the scenes that happens at Abide is because of these two. Anthony also serves as our Band Director and Mindy is a creative writer. 

They have 4 beautiful children, Norah, Jocelyn, Wesley, and Lucas.